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Oprah Winfrey cut loose on “Watch What Happens: Live” with Andy Cohen. The veteran talk show host sipped on Cohen’s vodka tonic warning him that if she had more than a sip, she’d be messed up!

The duo delved right in to one of the Bravo TV clubhouse’s favorite games: Plead the Fifth. Andy fired questions at Oprah and she had the option to answer or plead the fifth – and don’t think he went easy on her. His first question: When was the last time Oprah used marijuana? Her answer just might shock you…and make you laugh.

“Uh…19…82,” she replied after giving the question some thought.

We’re willing to bet you didn’t know Oprah got down like that, huh?

The hilarity continued as that wasn’t all that came out on the show. Oprah discussed her bad hair day and her feelings on her The Butler co-star Terrence Howard’s comments about her “Tig Ol’ Bitties” (yeah, he went there).

“It really is okay because they really are big,” she said. “The other day I went, ‘God, are y’all getting bigger?’ These are my grandmother’s-she’s with me.”

Then Oprah let Andy in on her most epic secret: The key to her successful interviews.

“I do the same thing with all important interviews-I did this the other day with Lindsay Lohan-before I sit down with them I have a little private moment…and I say, ‘Tell me what you want to get out of this interview.'” She then recalled the answer the late, great Whitney Houston gave her when asked the same question. “‘I just want people to know the truth. I’m tired of all the bullshit. And I want people to know the real me and see the real me.’ And I go, ‘Okay, I can help you do that.’ So I would like to know where people think I didn’t take her to task.”