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Lady Gaga does it for the gays, the girls, the beauty aficionados, the fashion lovers, and oh yes…She does it for the applause.

After much anticipation, a few teasers and a self-promoted leak, Lady Gaga is reveling in the success of her comeback, and naturally there are some weird antics to highlight it all. She wouldn’t be Gaga if there weren’t.

First, Lady Gaga marked her artistry of ARTPOP with actual art on her face for her album cover. Splotches of ROYGBIV decorated Gaga’s mug with a Pollock-meets-finger-painting face paint for the cover look that she adapted in the real world during press-rounds for the yet-to-be-released album. But that color trip was just a tip of the totally outlandish, totally over the top makeup iceberg to come.

Gaga brought in the A-team of artists to blend the realms of conventional beauty and theatrical makeup for an unforgettable blend of makeup looks that you may want to keep in mind for Halloween. Gaga always makes for a great costume.

Check out some of Gaga’s makeup looks from the new video below.


1. Ombre eyebrows: You were wondering when the ombre trend was going to see its day? The buck stopped right here on Gaga’s face.


2. All-over blush tint: 

Benefit, we’re going to go ahead and suggest you use this still shot in the ads for Benefit cheek tint and lip stain.


3. Black glossy lips:

We are here for this, all of it. Did you think the wine-stained lips of last season weren’t going to up the ante?


4. Marilyn Monroe out from the tomb:

Well, we can’t just sit here and act like there weren’t a few hungover mornings that resembled this.


5. Warhol in the flesh:

See, scarlet lipstick can be used on both your eyes, and your cheeks! That’s what we call keeping it crafty, Gaga-style.


6. Petroleum on the eyelids:

The oldest trick in the book, re-invented. Keep the lids glossy, the lips glossy and you look like a natural beauty maven.


7. The Gaga. Sans the Lady: 

Expect this to be everyone’s Halloween costume this year, and a beauty moment that should never be recreated unless it’s in jest.

Check out more of Gaga’s beauty looks in the “Applause” video above.

PHOTO CREDIT: Interscope video stills.

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