As if TikTok trends couldn't get any more unusual, a new beauty trend has surfaced. TikTok makeup artists are using lubricant as a primer, claiming that it helps foundation glide on, but skin experts say there may be risks. Read more inside.

Tracee Ellis Ross reminisces with host Jimmy Fallon during her first-ever appearance on The Tonight Show. The actress is reminded of a moment where her and Fallon introduced a special tribute to Patti LaBelle in 2005. The hilarious clip is a true blast from the past.

Actor Omar Sy, 'Lupin' creator/screenwriter George Kay, and Director Louis Leterrier talk Assane Diop and the series' theme of invisibility based on societal prejudices.

Ever since Rihanna dropped Fenty Beauty, it’s all everyone who’s anyone in the makeup industry will talk about—and with good reason. The latest product to drop will have you glo’ed up from the floor, up. Yes we’re talking about her Body Lava; we all need it in our lives. Not only did Body Lava happen, […]

MAC has confirmed that they will finally be releasing their long-awaited Aaliyah collection. The official drop date is June 20 (online) and June 21 (in stores). So far the company has teased us with a nude lipstick and an eyeshadow palette.   If you ask us, this collection is long overdue because Aaliyah served makeup […]

Pastor Preaches Hatred For Women That Wear Make Up And Weaves Video is circulating of Philadelphia Pastor Gino Jennings as he takes a moment to address his congregation on the state of women in todays society. He goes as far as calling women that choose to wear make up, weave and nail polish “hoes”. What […]

Fenty Beauty sales are estimated to surpass Kar-Jenner beauty brands this year.