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As if TikTok trends couldn’t get any more unusual, a new beauty trend has surfaced. TikTok makeup artists are using lubricant as a primer, claiming that it helps foundation glide on, but skin experts say there may be risks.

Makeup artists are sharing their latest beauty hack on TikTok, using their personal lubricant as primer. TikTok makeup artists say it helps their foundation go on smoothly, but dermatologists think there could be adverse effects to the trend.

According to Insider, makeup artist and social media influencer Lukas Kohutek first used lube as a primer in February 2019 and hasn’t stopped. The technique was overlooked back then, but it has since exploded with the #lubeprimer hashtag garnering over 8.7 million views on the social media platform.

Kohutek’s lube videos gained popularity in July, receiving 1.5 million views. Many beauty creators have since followed the trend after one user demonstrated the “best makeup hacks,” gaining 6 million views.

Kohutek has 14,000 followers on TikTok. He often shares creative makeup looks and recently told Insider, the lube method was recommended by his best friend’s mother as a skincare product, “because it is supposedly great for healing up scars after breakouts.”\

Insider spoke with a professional dermatologist, Dr. Geeta Yadav, who says she understands the appeal of using lubricant on the skin but finds it “illogical” because lube is designed to stay wet to prevent friction.

“It’s not a trick I’d encourage people relying on, especially on a regular basis,” she said to the beauty magazine. “All lubricants are different, but many of them could contribute to skin concerns such as breakouts and irritation.”

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