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Congrats are in order for Internet star and CEO Raynell Steward, a.k.a. Wuzzam Supa! The Louisiana native achieved the unthinkable on Cyber Monday when she raked in a cool $1.2 million in sales from her Crayon Case Cosmetics in just 1 hour and 90 minutes. Supa let fans have a look as the magic happened and her phone notifications were pinging off the hook.


After hitting the million dollar mark, Supa  Cent broke down into tears. We feel you girl!


Folks who have been watching the mom-to-be grind via social media over the past couple of years are especially proud of her.


One fan wrote, “I’m so happy for Supa Cent she’s a living testimony God will move mountains for us and dreams do come true just have faith and believe”.


The social media star’s success felt like a big win for the whole city of New Orleans. So much so that a 911 dispatcher got caught yapping about it over the phone when someone called with an emergency.


And although Supa can’t believe the success herself, she wants all her followers to know that if she can do, you damn sure can. She shared on Instagram, “A bitch busted tables and cleaned hotel rooms. Don’t tell me it’s not possible.”


This is Black Girl Magic at it’s finest. Congrats to Supa! Hit the flip to check out some of her classic, funny videos — where it all began for the social media star.

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