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People who wear Makeup sometimes gets a bad rep for being unnatural, inauthentic or even insecure. Yeah, yeah we know: the best beauty is natural beauty. But the best way to be naturally beautiful is to enhance what you already got!

According to recent studies, there are actually scientific reasons that folks get dolled up and beat their faces everyday. Wearing makeup also has a major impact on a person’s mental health. In a 2019 Vogue op-ed, writer Simran Randhwah revealed that the process of doing her makeup actually helps to calm her mind:

“For me, my beauty ritual exists as a medium I find relief in; whilst I do not wear a full face of makeup every day, sometimes choosing to on a bad day not only helps me feel more put together, but is a focus point for my brain.”

“There is comfort in creating a look based on how I’m feeling that day and it is often rarely about the finished look and more about the process; the calming mindlessness that comes with stippling a damp beauty blender on one’s face or the intense concentration that accompanies filling in my brows.”

We feel you sis. Sometimes just throwing on a red lip when you’re having a crappy day and it’s raining outside makes you feel like superwoman, or man. Luckily experts have revealed the statics that prove makeup helps with all types of mental health issues. So grab your eyebrow brush and hit the flip to check them out.

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