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It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Paris Jackson after she was put on psychiatric hold, and we’re not the only ones who are worried.

Despite any issues amongst the Jackson family, Randy Jackson took to Twitter to express his protest over his niece being kept in the hospital this long following her reported suicide attempt. 

Not only does it make him worry, but he also is afraid for Paris as she is forced to stay longer under the hospital’s orders.

Randy tweeted:

We’re all hoping that Paris makes it out soon, especially being that her late father Michael Jackson’s birthday is coming up.

But it looks like Paris’ mother Debbie Rowe ain’t got time for Randy’s games. TMZ exclusively reported that Debbie blasted Randy’s tweets:

“As usual, he’s grossly misinformed. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He has no idea where she is. She’s not in a psychiatric hospital.”

Let us pray for Paris; she needs everyone’s support – not more family fighting.

SOURCE: NY Daily News // TMZ || Photo Credit: Twitter