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Rehab did Lindsay Lohan lots of good, but now spectators feel she may be getting back to her old bad habits.

The red headed beauty was spotted hanging with one of her old pals, who has a very dark past when it comes to drugs and criminal activities. But according to sources speaking to TMZ, Lindsay does not see the problem and can’t understand why people think that would put her in danger of relapsing on alcohol and cocaine.

The provocative actress and hotelier Vikram Chatwal were out and about at ABC Kitchen in NYC, where they also spent time smoking cigarettes.

Here’s how the gossip site is reporting it:

Chatwal was busted for drug possession in April, but avoided jail by agreeing to 12 months of in-patient rehab. We’re told Lindsay thinks Vikram is good company because, like her, he’s been through several rehab stints … and is currently in recovery. Here’s the flaw in that argument … multiple drug counselors — from reputable clinics — tell us Lindsay’s playing with fire by hanging with old friends connected to her partying ways. Most counselors told us … it’s “not recommended” for recovering addicts to hang with another addict — especially if it’s been a short stretch since they got out of rehab.

Hopefully, Lindsay’s got a good handle on her life. We continue to wish her the best of luck with staying happy, healthy, and drug-free.

SOURCE: TMZ || Photo Credit: SPLASH