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Paris Jackson skeleton Twitter

Paris Jackson is making strides in her recovery. Seventy seven days after attempting to take her own life by slitting her wrists with a meat cleaver, the 15-year-old has done a complete 180.

Paris was sent away to a boarding school in Utah after her suicide attempt. She’s been living at the private therapeutic boarding school facility since mid-July, going by the name “Frankie.” Radar Online has obtained exclusive photos of the young Jackson in which she seems to be taking well to therapy.

These are the first images of Paris since it was announced that she was hospitalized and unconscious after slitting her wrists. It was initially believed that Paris’ suicide attempt was linked to issues she had been having coping with her father, Michael Jackson’s, 2009 overdose. However, it is now believed that Paris and her brother Prince Jackson were at odds just days before the attempt.

A source close to the family told TMZ Paris felt abandoned by her brother and everyone else in her life. When her father was alive, her family was extremely close; after his death she felt she lost any sense of family she knew.

Paris was photographed at her new school’s graduation ceremony where she was said to be in “high spirits,” according to an onlooker. This is the first time she’s been seen since June. In that time, her attitude toward life isn’t the only thing that’s changed. Jackson ditched her former all-black-everything look, dying her hair a reddish color. Her name change is also an attempt to live a more normal life.

“Paris wanted to come into the school without fanfare, so she decided to change her name, to Frankie,” a source told RadarOnline. “She also dyed her hair. Some students still know who she is, but overall, most don’t. She’s just another girl from Los Angeles named Frankie. In many ways, it’s a new life for Paris.”

Her new home is a far cry from the life she’s used to. Paris has swapped out the media microscope for a simpler life in the mountains of Utah. But it doesn’t come cheap; tuition costs $14,000 per month, which covers anything Paris or the other girls could need.

While on campus, Paris is barred from Internet use for the moment. This is largely because Paris’ grandma believes that she will relapse if she continues to read hateful comments about her father online. The school agrees and has made access to the Internet one of three privileges it provides.

“There are three levels of privileges at the school,” a source said. “Because Paris has only been there for a brief period, she is still on ‘daily’, meaning that she has to earn her privileges through a point count system for such things as good behavior, doing your homework, punctuality.”

“Those privileges are television time, Internet, access to the phone, socializing with girls from the other homes on campus. As a result, Paris’ access to social media is limited.”

Though fans are elated to see photos of Paris, her family – specifically her mother Debbie Rowe – is not so excited. In fact, Debbie plans to sue whoever sold the photos of her daughter at the boarding school’s graduation, according to TMZ.

Sources say Paris’ mom is extremely upset that someone at the school is selling photos and information about her daughter.

The photos, more of which can be seen here, have been posted all over Twitter. They were taken a month ago, shortly after Paris’ arrival at the facility.

“These people, including some websites, are screwing with my daughter’s ability to get better,” Debbie has told friends.

We are elated to hear that Paris is doing well and hope she continues this upward momentum.

SOURCE: RadarOnline | Photo credit: Twitter

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