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It’s been half a century since an exodus of activists descended on D.C. to attend the historic March on Washington to change the racial and social climate of 1960s America.

On Saturday, August 24, the grandchildren of the brave soldiers for peace will be retracing those steps to the National Mall in this new America…but with similar goals.

Joining in that fight is the national non-profit, Million Hoodies Movement For Justice, an organization dedicated to advocate for victims of racial profiling and senseless gun violence. Partnering with the Trayvon Martin Foundation, NAACP Northeast Region, New York Urban League, One Million People United for Change and The Roosevelt Institute, Million Hoodies plans to host the Virtual March on Washington this weekend to help a generation make change in the new world way – by utilizing social media.

“Million Hoodies is indebted to the millions of people around the world who answered the call to action for Trayvon Martin, so the Virtual March is our way of repaying them,” said Daniel Maree – Founder and Executive Director of Million Hoodies. “With our unparalleled access to digital technology in the 21stcentury, there’s no reason why supporters in London, Australia, or South Africa shouldn’t be able to participate in this historic anniversary event. The Virtual March also represents our commitment to Dr. King’s vision of ‘creatively pursuing the paths of glory’ – which is what Million Hoodies is all about.”

On Sunday, August 25, Million Hoodies will also be honoring Trayvon Martin by asking supporters to share a photo while wearing a hoodie at the exact time of his death – 7:16 PM EDT.

If you plan to participate, use the hashtag #HoodiesUp and sign the petition to pass the End Racial Profiling Act on

SOURCE: Million Hoodies

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