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Is your relationship stuck in rut…looking for ways to reconnect and delve into deeper levels of intimacy? Below we’ve listed some simple ways to reignite the FIRE & PASSION, not only in your bedroom, but in your hearts as well.


Love stories can begin in the kitchen! It’s a fact that cooking together not only is an opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner, but also a chance to engage in an activity that requires you both to focus solely on your dish and each other. It creates an atmosphere of fun and creativity and can always be spiced up towards the end of the meal…dessert anyone?


The saying goes “the couple that plays together…stays together.” With life being so hectic between work, children, school, and just everyday responsibilities…finding quality time together can be somewhat of a luxury…which is why it is BEYOND important that the quality time together you spend is just that…QUALITY. Enjoy each other! Commit to keeping the romance alive in your relationship and invest in keeping things FUN & LIVELY…LAUGH together. The more you invest in celebrating your relationship and each other, the happier your relationship will be and the better it will get over time.


Research has confirmed that couples that work out together have a 94 percent chance of sticking to and meeting their fitness goals when they commit to doing it together. Not only are you both working towards a common goal, but there is a whole new and different level of bonding you can both experience by trying not only a general workout together, but a new and interesting physical activity that neither of you have tried before. For example: mountain climbing, skating, tennis, to name a few. Couples that work out together also tend to have better sex lives. They both individually feel more confident and sexually attractive to their partner and the energy boost and endorphins they release during workouts ensures their sex drive is always at peak levels.


Make time for INTIMACY. Having frequent sex not only decreases stress and blood pressure levels, but it deepens your connection in ways beyond explanation. During sex we release the hormone oxytocin, “the love hormone,” which has been proven to strengthen bonds and build trust between partners. Frequent sex also burns calories, boosts your immunity and secures a good night’s sleep…so make sure to separate time to play together…it’s good for your health.

Elizabette Quezada for LifeStyleHer

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