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The lights go down. The audience silences their small talk. The screen starts to look even darker. It’s time to enter a world some haven’t seen in nearly six years.

The screen comes on to show plenty of deserted land with very little life surrounding it, leading the audience to believe that this movie might not start off as we hope.

And what seems like an impossible possibility, within one minute we see what we’ve been waiting for…Riddick emerges.

Despite what some might believe after years of a break between the series, Vin Diesel looks stronger, smarter, and more determined than ever once he hits the screen.


The man of the famous movie series has last been abandoned by his team of frenemies, where he is now forced to make a living on this eerie planet, which he believes to be his former home. Weeks seems to go by before Riddick finds that there is an emergency ward where he can call for help. The only problem? He is the most wanted man in the universe.

At this point, Riddick has found a partner in crime that is more loyal than anyone else he’s ever come across…one of the mythical hyena dogs that has an instinct to kill, as well as protect.

Despite the fact that the movie centers around Riddick trying to get off the planet, his relationship with his dog is by far the most memorable and pleasurable moments on screen.


By the time the humans come to look for Riddick after answering his screening in the emergency ward, he is nowhere to be found. Stealing the humans’ spaceship is the only thing on his mind, and his ability to see in the dark gives him that advantage. This movie, while containing some soft connections amongst the characters, is really all about the action.

There’s plenty of graphic gore, hard punches, and use of weaponry for those dedicated Riddick series fans, but also a storyline that isn’t too difficult to follow for new viewers.


Although the movie is really a sci-fi action, the first half will give sci-fi fanatics more than enough of a taste of what they’ve been waiting for. In this film, the badass side of Riddick is by far the most dominant, but there are a few softer moments that the ladies might enjoy, especially with the only female of the movie: Dahl.

Trust me when I say, this movie has almost everything you would expect from the Riddick series in one, and it’s definitely 119 minutes of edge-of-your-seat movie magic.

Those who love Vin Diesel, action movies, and plot twists will definitely want to find the 12 dollars to see this film in theaters for the full effect. It might even surprise those romance movie lovers who want to switch things up a bit.

Riddick hits theaters nationwide on September 6th.

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