Movie Review

Ava DuVernay has touched our hearts in so many ways after directing the Academy Award-winning film Selma, so her opinion is definitely influential. The famed director recently saw a screening of Straight Outta Compton, and to say that it moved her may be an understatement after she shared her personal review of the N.W.A. biopic on her Twitter […]

The men of the new movie Baggage Claim sat down with BlogXilla to dish about their upcoming film and compare thirsty women to real women. Boris Kodjo, Terrence J, Djimon Hounsou, Derek Luke and Taye Diggs are just a few of the men cast in Baggage Claim. The film centers around Montana Moore, played by the lovely and […]

Vin Diesel is back and kickin’ some serious ass in the new action-packed sci-fi film Riddick. The film is the latest in the Riddick saga (Chronicles of Riddick, Pitch Black). Diesel plays Riddick, a man who was left for dead on a strange planet that appears to have no forms of life. He later discovers that the […]

The lights go down. The audience silences their small talk. The screen starts to look even darker. It’s time to enter a world some haven’t seen in nearly six years. The screen comes on to show plenty of deserted land with very little life surrounding it, leading the audience to believe that this movie might […]

Comedy, drama, action, romance – The Butler has it all! Director Lee Daniels takes viewers back to the 1960s, a racially turbulent time in America’s history.  The film follows Cecil Gaines, played by Forest Whitaker, as he serves as a butler to eight United States presidents. During his time as a butler in the White House […]

It’s Friday! Time to plan a movie date and decide what you’re going to see. This week, Xilla’s Movie Pick is 2 Guns, starring Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington. The film follows two undercover cops who try to infiltrate a drug cartel, but when things go wrong, they find themselves scrambling for a backup plan […]