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Justin Bieber is growing up right before our very eyes.

The worldwide superstar – who has notoriously rocked a clean-shaven face for his entire career – is finally growing a mustache. It’s extremely light, but look very closely because it’s definitely there.

The Biebs was spotted at the Dream Downtown in NYC yesterday, picking up a late night snack, when all of a sudden a mob of fans rushed to get autographs, take pictures, and meet one of their favorite celebs. (Yes, we’re still referring to Justin, even though he pees in mop buckets that don’t belong to him).

He took pictures with lots of fans, but his run-in with the almighty Beliebers ended when a few of them became a little too aggressive.

The Biebs seemed to be a good sport about it all, though. What do you think about his mustache? We don’t love it or hate it just yet… leave your comments below.

My, how fast they grow.

Photo Credit: SPLASH