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A picture of a woman holding a handgun to a toddler’s head has sparked outrage and concern about the child’s welfare. Though the photograph has been shared hundreds of times online, the origin of the picture is unknown. There are few details, but it seems to have appeared originally on an Argentinian Facebook page around a month ago. Authorities have not been able to confirm if the gun is real or fake. [DailyMail]

On the year anniversary of the fatal Benghazi blast at the U.S. consulate that killed four Americans, a car bomb exploded outside a Foreign Ministry building on Wednesday, state media said. There are no casualties, but the blast destroyed the building’s facade. [CNN]

Two correctional officers who were assigned to Ariel Castro’s prison unit on the night that he committed suicide have been placed on administrative leave. Caleb Ackley, 26, and Ryan Murphy, 27, will remain on leave while authorities investigate how Castro succeeded in hanging himself while in protective custody. [Cleveland]

Shocking video of Florida police officers slamming a 44-year-old woman into the police car while arresting her for a DUI has surfaced, causing outrage about police brutality and the unnecessary force they used. The woman and mother of two, Christina West, suffered a broken orbital bone in her face, a bloody nose and multiple other injuries. Check out the video here…[DailyMail]