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Miley Cyrus is known for a thing or two – twerking and her infamous “tongue thing.” You know the one…

Yep, that.

Miley’s tongue has stolen the show on more than one occasion, making it a topic of discussion worldwide. The “Wrecking Ball” singer stopped by the set of popular French TV show Le Grand Journal to discuss her extraordinary appendage.

“It’s the new Miley tongue. I think people always take pictures of themselves and me doing it. It’s just being myself so it’s kind of like my style now but that’s getting a little old. I’m going to have to retire it!” She revealed.

With a tongue that long, you’d think she’d be able to do some strange things with it; unfortunately, Miley’s tongue is best at just making an appearance.

“For as long as it is, you would think that I could touch my nose. I mean, I’ve tried it, I can’t, I’m so close. I wish I had more control of it. I can’t do any tricks. No four leaf clover, nothing!”

It’s a sad day for Smilers and advocates of Miley’s tongue tricks everywhere, but it had a good run and we’ll remember it fondly.

Photo credit: Terry’s Diary.