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The sport of boxing is alive and well!

Last night, folks from all over the country gathered in Las Vegas to watch Floyd Mayweather Jr. go up against Canelo Alvarez in the ring.

As expected, celebs were in the house and let’s just say some interesting things were going down.

In case for some reason you missed this grand battle, or didn’t catch something while you went to the fridge for more beer… have no fear! We have a photo recap of everything you need to know that happened last night in the MGM arena. Check it all out below!

Well, guess who got the show started… these two of course:

Justin Bieber served major Johnny Bravo hair:

Of course things couldn’t officially get started until one really important thing happened… Tank (Yup without Tyrese and Ginuwine) :

And then Canelo arrived like this:

While Mayweather arrived like…  (PETA is so mad right now):

And then things got really hectic in the ring, but doesn’t Bieber look like the perfect wing- man for any drama?


Meanwhile in the crowd, Heidi Klum was in the house serving duck lip:

Like a scene from American Gangster, Denzel Washington was in the building:

And then Diddy was up and amped, like the after party already started:

No really… he was amped:

And Jack Nicholson was just in his seat like ‘what’s happening??’:

But blows ensued, and sh*t got real:

Stick and move! Stick and move!

It got intense:

But ultimately, this guy took home another win and his guarenteed $41 milli:

The End.

Photo Credit: Getty