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What’s going on behind the walls of Disney?

We only just found out this morning that former Disney star Zac Efron recently completed a short stay in rehab for alcohol abuse. While rumors claim he was really hooked on coke, either way, Zac joins a long list of Disney stars to hit a bump in the road.

Could there be something going on in the land of Mickey, Minnie, and Donald that has the kids going goofy?

There is an indie flick picking up steam called Escape From Tomorrow that was filmed at Disneyland (without permission) where strange and weird things happen behind the scenes – we’re talking Disney Princesses as prostitutes and a demonic Mickey who attempts to crush the little kids.


While this isn’t art imitating life, one thing is for sure: judging by the numbers, something’s happening behind the doors of Disney Studios.

Let’s take a look back at some of the bumps former Disney stars have faced while growing up.

Former Mickey Mouse Club member Britney Spears suffered a severe breakdown in 2007 when she flipped out, shaved her head, lost custody of her children and entered into rehab shortly after. Now Brit is back and better than ever.

Shia LeBeouf was a Disney kid for 10 years from 1996 – 2006, but he’s long suffered from alcohol abuse. Arrested for a DUI in ’08, it wasn’t all Even Stevens for Shia when he got into bar fights. Thankfully, Shia has settled down and moved onto indie films.


Remember Orlando Brown from That’s So Raven? Well, he knows a thing or two about raves. In 2011, he had 3 bench warrants for his arrest after failing to complete an alcohol program and attend AA meetings as part of his probation for a DUI.

Many people have been saying Miley Cyrus is having an identity crisis because she likes to twerk. But when you think of her leaked pictures, risky performances, and being caught high on camera, we say she’s been trill.


Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana was a breeding ground for bumps in the road. Fellow Hannah Montana star Mitchel Musso did jail time for a DUI in 2007. It didn’t affect his ability to bag the ladies, though.

Miley wasn’t the only Disney princess to get caught in a leaked picture scandal. Zac’s ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens had some risque pictures of herself hit the ‘net. She bounced back as an extremely private person because of the scandal.


Adrienne Bailon also struggled with overexposure. The Cheetah Girls came to a quick end when naked pictures of her surfaced online. Add in a series of wardrobe malfunctions later, and none of it has been able to really stop Adrienne’s shine. She’s had a reality show and is the host of The Real, a new daytime talk show. Swag!


Demi Lovato is back on top of the world. When Demi left Disney, it all came to an end when she was rushed into rehab after a series of fights and emotional issues derailed her. She was treated for bulimia, cutting, and self-medicating with drugs and alcohol at the tender age of 20.

Remember Lalaine, who starred in Lizzie McGuire? Well, she was arrested for possession of meth in 2007. Her record was expunged after she completed a drug class. She bounced back with a cameo in the movie Easy A.

Then there’s Lindsay Lohan, whose run-ins with the law over drugs have been highly publicized. She’s clean now and planning to stay that way!


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