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Where were you when you first heard “you mad ’cause I’m styling on you?”

You should know, because that was a moment. The year was 2007 and WordStarHipHop wasn’t a thing yet — it was around, just not poppin’ — so it wasn’t easy catching quality ratchet TV.

A rap battle gone wrong between Z-list MCs Nyckz and EnJ became a rap-blog sensation. In the middle of their lyrical battle, Nycks said the now iconic “you mad ’cause I’m styling on you” line. EnJ responded by punching Nyckz in the face.

That battle and the popularity of the clip started a storm; since that video hit, there have been a dozen rap battles turned into fights for our viewing pleasure.

The latest happened last weekend at “Summer Madness 3.” Rap battle legends Serious Jones and Math Hoffa were in the middle of their battle when Math, out of nowhere, swung and hooked Serious in the face.

That video gave us an excuse to post some of our favorite rap-battle-turned-brawl fights. So here you go.

You Mad ‘Cause I’m Stylin’ on You

This is the aforementioned hood classic, the one that started it off. This would unfortunately be career highlights for both rappers. Interesting tidbit here: Ja Rule would release a terrible track called “Style on Em” and Nycks would make an even more terrible video dissing Ja because of it. There’s just too much rap music on the planet, ya’ll.

Math Hoffa drugs Dose

The video that put Math Hoffa on the map came in 2010, when the Brooklyn-based rapper battled Dose. So what happened: Dose didn’t respect Math’s space and he paid the price.

Mary J. Blige’s stepdaughter drills Charles Hamilton 

In his heyday, Charles Hamilton had numerous rap battles, with cats like Kendrick Lamar and Serious Jones. He lost a lot of those battles. The worst L Charles took, however, came when he battled Briana Latrise, Mary J. Blige’s stepdaughter. The battle would turn ugly when Charles mentioned something very personal to Briana. Charles and Briana would release a video a couple of days later saying everything was all-good.

Joey Jihad dragged away

Philadelphia rapper Joey Jihad found out that the hood don’t love you the hard way. The rapper appeared on a random Philly block and started freestyling, only to be sucker punched. Rumor on the streets (aka: music forums) is that the dude that hit Joey was a boxer who was found dead a couple of weeks later.

Saigon vs. Mobb Deep

This wasn’t a rap battle: however, it’s video of a rapper getting punched in the face, so it passes 2/3s of our criteria. Saigon and Mobb Deep have had beef for years (since Saigon burned Mobb Deep’s Amerikaz Nightmare album in Smack DVD Vol. 45,232,454). So shit wasn’t so sweet when Saigon appeared at a Havoc show at SOB’s. Saigon hopped on stage while the Mobb was there, and when things got hectic, he would punch Prodigy in the face, then run like Simba when the stampede came.


Everything else

We’re not going to break these videos down because, honestly, we don’t know any of these people. Still, a lot of this shit is funny and worth a watch for a quick laugh.

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