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Issues Of Race Shared In Both US and Zimbabwean History

Even though it’s been almost hundreds of years since slavery was in full effect in the U.S., studies show that the racism is still as strong.

According to a report done by political scientists from the University of Rochester, the views on race-related policies were researched and showed intriguing results.

The Huffington Post reports:

What they found: That a “slavery effect” persists among white Southerners who currently live in the Cotton Belt where slavery and the plantation economy thrived from the late 18th century into the 20th century. Residents of those counties are much more likely today to express more negative attitudes toward blacks than their fellow Southerners who live in nearby areas that had few slaves; are more likely to identify as Republican; and are more likely to express opposition to policies like affirmative action, the study authors concluded.

One of the authors named Matthew Blackwell, believes that slavery is the one factor that has kept the South from being similar in views to the North.

He said of the study:

“In political circles, the South’s political conservatism is often credited to ‘Southern exceptionalism,’ but the data shows that such modern-day political differences primarily rise from the historical presence of many slaves.”

It’s a shame that not much has changed over 150 years, but we hope that a change can come soon.

SOURCE: Huffington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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