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Hang on to your diapies, ’90s kids!

Last night, the woman who voiced beloved cartoon kiddo Tommy Pickles re-emerged to show off her new talent – singing. That’s right, though we’ve all known her for her years as a troublemakin’ tot, Ms. E.G. Daily can really sing! She appeared on the stage of NBC’s The Voice to share her rendition of Faith Hill’s “Breathe.”

The judges were wowed by her talents and a fight immediately ensued over which team she would join. But the viewers? They were stunned to see Tommy Pickles standing before their eyes.

Daily got us thinking – who else was behind our favorite cartoons? We did a little research and rounded up 13 voices behind iconic cartoon characters. Surprisingly, a lot of our favorite cartoons were voiced by some uber famous celebs.

Check it out and prepare to be amazed.

The most logical place to start is obviously with the rest of the Rugrats crew…


Though you never would have guessed it then, famous musician Busta Rhymes voiced Reptar the dinosaur on Rugrats.


Busta was in good company! Bruce Willis voiced over Tommy’s four legged friend Spike on the cartoon series.

Moving on…

Doug Funny

Billy West spent many years voicing Doug star Douglas Yancy Funny for the Nickelodeon series. That wasn’t West’s only gig; he was also the voice of Ren on Ren And Stimpy, Popeye, and even Fry, Professor Farnsworth and Dr. Zoidberg on Futurama. Another fun fact: Remember Doug’s arch enemy Roger Klotz? West also voiced him!

Patti Mayonnaise

Before she was locked up and channeling her inner zen on Orange Is The New Black, Constance Shulman was the voice of Doug Funny’s love interest Patti Mayonnaise.

Nigel Thornberry

Well-known actor Tim Curry has had many major onscreen roles. The one he’s probably least known for? Being the voice of adventure-seeking scientist Nigel Thornberry on The Wild Thornberrys.

Eliza Thornberry

Remember the thrill-seeking red head who could talk to animals on The Wild Thornberrys? Bet you didn’t know that Lacey Chabert – best known for her role as Gretchen Weiners in Mean Girls – voiced her, huh?


Tom Kenny is the genius behind Spongebob Squarepants. He’s also voiced characters like CatDog!


Toran Caudell is the man behind the original Arnold of Hey Arnold! He also voiced King Bob on Recess.

Gerald Johanssen

After voicing Arnold’s wing man for seven years, Jamil Walker Smith moved on to larger on-screen roles in shows like Girlfriends, Bones, and Sister, Sister.

Otto Rocket

Aside from shreddin’ and catching massive waves on Rocket Power, Joseph Ashton, who voiced the always adventurous Otto Rocket, also played a small role on Hey Arnold! and voiced Tarzan.

Raymundo Rocket

When he wasn’t the relaxed surfer-dude dad on Rocket Power, John Kassir voiced the crypt keeper on Tales from the Cryptkeeper and recently landed the role of Crazy Smurf in Smurfs 2.

Ms. Frizzle

World renowned actress Lily Tomlin, largely known for her roles in Eastbound & Down, Desperate Housewives, and Malibu Country, is the voice behind the uber fun teacher every ’90s kid wishes they had – Mrs. Frizzle from Magic School Bus. 

Carlos Ramon

Fun fact: The voice behind Carlos Ramon on The Magic School Bus? Also the actor who played Jason in Mean Girls! His name’s Carlos Ramon.

Holy nostalgia!

PHOTO CREDIT: Wenn, Netflix, BillyWest.Com.

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