Cree Summer reminisces on the anniversary of Susie Carmichael’s first appearance on “Rugrats.” Check out Summer’s throwback post inside.

New episodes and a live-action film of the popular 90's cartoon 'Rugrats' is apparently in the works.

Everyone, meet Christian Dior Hickman-Jackson…   The young artist is reworking classic 90s and 2000s cartoons for a new audience. Ever wonder if Tommy from Rugrats got caught up with Pennywise from It? What about if Riley from The Boondocks and Penny from The Proud Family hooked up? Swipe through to check out Christian’s dope take on […]

Earlier today, the internet erupted with the idea that Disney was bringing back "Darkwing Duck" to TV with new episodes for the first time since 1992.

For Throwback Thursday, we decided to venture back in time and rank our favorite Nickelodeon shows of the '90s.

If you recall earlier this month, we reported the rumors that were surfacing about Nickelodeon rebooting some of our favorite 90’s shows. It looks like the rumors about plans with our favorite classic shows from the network might be true, but the reboot part is still up in the air. Now, a new rumor has […]

#TodayKidsWillNeverKnow #HeyArnold #Nickelodeon 🔥🔥🔥 — IG – J.LUN (@_JL94) August 10, 2015 Nickelodeon might be granting wishes of 90’s babies all around the country, as the network could revamp some of our favorite old shows. According to the network’s President of Content and Development, Russell Hicks, he spoke to Variety about the company’s plans to […]

Beloved voice actress Christine Cavanaugh has died. The voice behind legendary characters like Chuckie from Rugrats, Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory, and Babe passed away on December 22. Her obituary in the LA Times reads: “Christine has touched many lives, some we know and others we do not. Whether she was a baby sitter as an adolescent, […]

Hang on to your diapies, ’90s kids! Last night, the woman who voiced beloved cartoon kiddo Tommy Pickles re-emerged to show off her new talent – singing. That’s right, though we’ve all known her for her years as a troublemakin’ tot, Ms. E.G. Daily can really sing! She appeared on the stage of NBC’s The […]