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A Federal lawsuit has been filed against a Rikers Island corrections officer for raping a female inmate while another officer watched.

Hiccups normally come at the worst time possible. Well, anytime you get the hiccups is the worst time possible.

It looks like their love is no longer "stimulated." E! reports that Tyga and Kylie Jenner have reportedly broken up.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt dressed up in a little drag for Spike's Lip Sync Battle and took his performance to new heights.

Durex put together a #CondomEmoji campaign to urge the Unicode Consortium to add the pregnancy preventer to the database.

A woman stripped down to her underwear while running around on the San Francisco Bay Bridge during rush hour Wednesday night.

Social media has turned breaking up into a gray area. Do you unfriend or unfollow? What's the protocol for that?

Kids know a thing or two about compassion.

If you’ve watched Netflix’s Master of None with Aziz Ansari, you know how much parents and older people mean to the series.

A new documentary is saying Diddy was a mastermind behind the murder.