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A Federal lawsuit has been filed against a Rikers Island corrections officer for raping a female inmate while another officer watched.

According to the New York Post, a male officer bribed another to leave him and the “Jane Doe” inmate alone on a Department of Corrections bus while they had consensual sex. The site reports:

But then the officer got back on the bus, told the male inmate to get lost, and raped the woman, the suit says.

“Doe considered screaming out but chose not to scream because she realized that any officers who might respond from the [prison] were apt to be male and Doe was frightened that they might assault her as well,” her suit states.

During the rape, another correction officer got on the bus. The rapist allegedly said he wanted to “give [him] a show.”

Sexual assault is all too common at the prison. “The number of prisoners on Rikers Island has been falling over the past three years, but the statistic shows that the allegations of sexual abuse have not decreased during the same period,” RT reports. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.


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