We are celebrating this day of action and awareness in support of Sexual Assualt Awareness Month with a gallery of our favorite celebrity denim looks. Check out the gallery inside.

We haven’t even reached March yet and already 2020 is a big mess…and of course, all the hoopla just HAD to go down in Black History Month. This week was no different considering Bill Cosby, of ALL people, shouted out Snoop Dogg for saying “Free Bill Cosby” on Instagram. The whole ordeal started when Gayle […]

It seems the clues were in his music all along; see for yourself inside.

The #MeToo Movement has reignited the conversation about boundaries between men and women, consent and no meaning no. But for some reason, many brothers and others, (including the President of The United States and his followers) still don’t get it. If they did, nasty folks like Brett Kavanaugh wouldn’t be a member of the Supreme […]

“The first reaction was to be violent,” Crews said of his sexual assault, “(But) as a Black man in America, you only have a few shots at success... I have seen many many young Black men who were provoked into violence and they were imprisoned, or they were killed.”

In a new report, Jamie Foxx is accused of slapping a woman in the face with his penis.