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Huge Crowds Rally At Women's Marches Across The U.S.

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The #MeToo Movement has reignited the conversation about boundaries between men and women, consent and no meaning no. But for some reason, many brothers and others, (including the President of The United States and his followers) still don’t get it. If they did, nasty folks like Brett Kavanaugh wouldn’t be a member of the Supreme Court or any position of power for that matter.


But just because things like that tend to slide in this country — don’t write women off just yet. One video making it’s rounds on the Internet is full blown proof why you should never underestimate the power of a woman. In the footage, which has no sound, a man is seen attempting to sexually harass a woman on the elevator, and instead of letting fear take over and letting him slide, the woman gave him exactly what was coming to him — one punch at a time.


Yas sis! The video has since garnered over 3 million views, with other women rallying behind the brave woman in the clip, writing things like, “That was badass cool! I love the way she takes him out, then just presses the button for the next floor, and strolls away,” and “Wtf!!! This is why women can never feel safe anywhere alone. She is one bad ass chick!”

Others got deep with it and acknowledge how horrid it is that women go through things like this every single day. One Twitter user wrote, “That’s more disturbing than amusing. Yeah, she made sure he got what he deserved. But that doesn’t change the fact we’re watching a woman being harassed. Its just tragic. How many women face this everyday…and can’t fight back like she did.”

A new 2017 survey by showed that 77 percent of women had experienced verbal sexual harassment, and 51 percent had been sexually touched without their permission, and 66 percent said they’d been sexually harassed in public spaces. Anita Raj, director of the Center on Gender Equity and Health at the University of California, says the public forums are where you see the more chronic experiences of sexual harassment. These include verbal harassment and physical harassment, like touching and groping.

Another video has gone viral in recent months of a woman fighting a guy while in line at McDonald’s. No word on why she flipped out on homeboy — although some say he verbally and physically assaulted her in line —but this is the energy women should be on when being harassed by men.

Moral of the story is, boys may just be boys, but women have the right to f*** them up if violated.