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It’s been a crazy past 48 hours for Kanye West and it’s getting a little more intense.

After getting into it on Twitter with Jimmy Kimmel over his recent skit, just a few hours later the rapper had another bad run-in with the paparazzi and now according to reports that’s just no good for him with his current legal issues.

Prosecutors in Kanye’s battery case want to use the footage of the run-in and all other semi-hostile interactions ‘Ye has had with photogs in the past, in court.


TMZ reports:

Sources connected with the case tell TMZ … the L.A. City Attorney believes Kanye has an M.O. — when confronted by the paparazzi … ATTACK.  They believe what Kanye did at LAX on July 19th — allegedly battering a photog and trying to steal his camera — is what he typically does … and they want the jury to see 4 other incidents to prove their point.

Meanwhile in the Kimmel vs. West debacle the G.O.O.D music head honcho went on a tweeting spree again yesterday tweeting quotes from a blog by Jibril Durimel that defended his stance. He posted:

And what did Kimmel have to say:

LOL Oh mannnn… But this whole ordeal has led to some standing up for Mr.West. Irving Azoff  who has managed big names like The EaglesChristina AguileraJourney and Fleetwood MacMorrissey took to his twitter to defend the “New Slaves” rapper.

Ugh! What are your thoughts? Is Kanye taking himself too seriously? Or was Kimmel way out of line? Sound off in the comment section below.

SOURCE: TMZ & Radar Online 

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