Rappers catch a lot of flack for spending their moolah on huge mansions, cars and women, but did you know they give back in a big way too?

The Game recently chatted with Larry King on his web series Larry King Now about his new charity The Robin Hood Foundation. The non-profit organization donates to victims of violence and poverty all over the world.

Mr. Jayceon Terrell Taylor talked with Larry about his goal to donate one million dollars of his own money by Christmas.

“My heart feels a certain way when I read a certain story and it feels the same way for [the stories] and the people I donated to,” he said.

Check out these other rappers who put their money where their mouth is by supporting charities.

Ludacris (The Ludacris Foundation)

The Ludacris Foundation, founded in 2001, looks to empower youth in communities with programs that encourage education for children. An extension of the foundation, called the LudaCares Program, helps families during the holidays with huge donations of food and coats for families in Atlanta. The rapper also does occasional performances and gives scholarships to the high school seniors for college. We can all use more people like Ludacris in the world!

Meek Mill 

Meek Mill may have a flashy Instagram page, but it hasn’t stopped him from putting the youth first in his community. Meek Mill was blowing up in the hip-hop world back in 2011, and the rapper donated sneakers and Reebok gear to his old high school basketball team and donated gifts to a homeless shelter for Christmas in 2012. In no time, we’re sure Meek will run his own charity. There’s levels to this!

Waka Flocka (Homes For The Holidays & PETA)

Waka’s charitable ventures have been interesting to say the least. The rapper’s relationship with charities began with PETA for two campaigns; choosing “Ink Over Mink” in a nude ad, and getting cozy with a cute pup for another ad about protecting animals. Flocka has also donated money to build homes for single parents and took part in a concert for anti-violence in Chicago over the summer.

T.I (Give Like A King & For The Love Of Our Fathers)

You may remember T.I.’s countless talks to young men during his MTV reality show Road To Redemption, but the giving and mentoring didn’t stop there. Tip and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, launched For The Love of Our Fathers, a nonprofit organization that raises awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and related diseases. The Give Like A King program supports homeless veterans by donating food, housing and healthcare.

Big Sean (The Sean Anderson Foundation)  

Growing up in Detroit has made Big Sean a talented rapper and a man of the people. In appreciation and love for his hometown, the rapper launched The Sean Anderson Foundation, which supports youth related programs in Detroit and all over the nation. One of its biggest moments thus far was a legendary concert for his hometown, featuring Kanye West, J. Cole, and Common last year. The rapper also visited one of his biggest fans and played him the entire album.

B.o.B (Hosea Feed The Hungry and Homeless) 

B.o.B challenged all rappers to donate to a good cause in 2011. For his 23rd birthday, the rapper donated $10,000 to Hosea Feed The Hungry and The Homeless Foundation.

Gucci Mane 

Gucci Mane may be serving a prison sentence soon, but the rapper was more than ready to throw hands with anyone for a couple of million. Last year, Gucci took to where else but Twitter, to challenge anyone to a battle in the ring:

“I’m challenging any rapper friend or foe in the ring to a boxing match. Put yo’ money up. Who got hands, not raps. Who wants the challenge. The proceeds from the ring will go to charities. You scary a** Rappers.”

Sadly, no one accepted.

Russell Simmons 

Although the rap mogul and philanthropic legend hasn’t spit any bars (that we know of), he has worked with rappers like LL Cool J, Jay Z, Foxy Brown and more in the spirit of giving back. Recently, Simmons launched a campaign for everyone to help donate to LIFE Camp, a group that targets the end of gun violence on the youth and in communities all over the nation. Found out more about the challenge here.


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