George Clooney appears in a new sketch with Omaze. Clooney is joined by his fictional roommate, seen terrorizing him with his weird obsession with Brad Pitt. The sketch was used as a fun and entertaining promotion encouraging people to contribute to a charitable cause.

Just weeks after their beautiful wedding ceremony, they partnered with The Tony Robbins Foundation to do a good deed for ATL youth.

In these times, it is more important than ever that we make time to look out for one another. Every day, we should be looking for ways to give back to the community and with the frigid weather as of late, it’s critical that we make sure every human being has the food, blankets and […]

This is way too dope. On Monday, April 2, Verizon Communications Inc. announced that it will invest an additional $200 million towards Verizon Innovative Learning, providing immersive next-gen technology, teacher training, STEM curricula and connectivity to under-resourced students across the United States. Even better is the fact that you can nominate a middle school you think needs […]

No matter how you feel about Lil Pump‘s song “Gucci Gang,” there’s no denying how infectious it is. It’s liable to make folks randomly chant the words, simply because of its catchiness. One YouTuber, Graham The Christian, took the song’s repetitive nature to a whole new level when he said the word “Gucci Gang” 1 million times […]

Wells Fargo is all about giving back to the community. Ahead of the holiday season, it’s only right we shed light on those who have made philanthropy their life’s mission. Ever since Chance The Rapper became a mainstream hip-hop sensation, he has used his success to share positivity. Despite being an independent artist, Chance has […]

The baller will donate $2.5 million to an exhibit honoring the late Muhammad Ali.

Xilla Valentine's #XillaMovieParty teamed up with the Precious Dreams Foundation to invite 50 children from Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

On Friday, X sang a song of gratitude to the Yonkers, New York cops who saved his life following a reported overdose back in February.

Beyoncé and Jay Z are both very powerful individuals—so when the couple join forces, there's nothing they can't do.