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The 2013-14 NBA season starts in a month. We have no idea who’s going to win the championship, but there are two things you can bet your bottom dollar on: the Miami Heat will have a deep playoff run, and during that playoff run, there will be jokes galore.

And those jokes will be on LeBron James, the best basketball player in the world.

Folks can’t really make fun of his on-court performance, because it’s perfect. But folks can make fun of James’ turrible hairline and the headbands he uses to cover it up.

And it’s not just fools on Twitter snapping on LeBron. The companies that James does business with even take their shots.

Examples: LeBron is the coverboy of NBA2K14. In the game, 2K14 is not kind on how they depict Bron Bron’s hairline:

After this picture hit the ‘net, the game’s creators said they weren’t trying to diss and that they “strive for current realism with all our players.”


So what’s the deal with LeBron Jimmy’s hairline? How bad is it? OK, it is bad, but how long has it been like that?

Scroll down to see LeBron’s hairline over the years.

Senior year of high school (2002) Age 16

Rookie year (2003-2004) Age 17

Second year (2004-05) Age 18

Third year (2005-2006) Age 19

Fourth year (2006-07) Age 20

Fifth year (2007-08Age 21

Sixth year  (2007-08) Age 22

Seventh year (2008-09) Age 23

Eighth year in the league (2009-10) Age 24

Ninth year (2010-11) Age 25

Tenth season in the league (2011-12) Age 26

Eleventh year in the league (2012-13) Age 27

Twelfth season  (2013) Age 28

Verdict? LeBron James’ hairline was always cooked. It’s just recently gotten worse.


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