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Today Alicia Silverstone, aka, Cher Horowitz, turns 37. Silverstone has had a long and successful career, but we’ll always remember her for her role as the posh and popular valley girl who won over our hearts 18 years ago in Clueless.

Admit it, any time you’re channel surfing and Clueless pops u, you drop what you’re doing, travel back in time and kick it with Cher, D, Tai and the gang for 97 glorious minutes. Seriously, that movie is pure 90’s gold.

Yeah, Clueless was totally hilarious, but it also boasts a lot of important life lessons that still resonate today and probably will for generations to come.

Like the importance of looking good at all times…

…cause who wants to be a Monet?

How to drive like a boss…

…Shut down the haters

…And cut someone deep.

The importance of keepin’ it classy…

…And how to get out of absolutely anything.

We learned the importance of having goals…

…How to properly flirt…

…Rule No. 1

The way to a man’s heart…

…And what to never do.

Clueless taught us to never settle…

…to take a chill pill once in a while…

…And let loose.

How to properly pick a best friend…

…And a mate.

But really, what’s more important that the perfect BFF?

The most important thing we learned from this 1995 cult classic? Follow your heart.

Don’t believe us?

Bust out that Clueless VHS and see for yourself.

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