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“We’re all stars now in the dope show” sang Marilyn Manson. However, it looks like the singer, known for his heavy makeup and androgynous look, is now starring in a different role.

Manson is set to make a cameo in the HBO comedy show, Eastbound & Down. Apparently, he is obsessed with the show and has been begging producers to cast him for the past couple of years, reports TMZ.

In fact, in 2010, MTV reported that the star was so infatuated with the HBO hit, which stars Danny McBride as Kenny Rogers, that he went so far as to dress like Rogers and could recite paragraphs of dialogue at random. Talk about getting into character!

Needless to say, the makeup people at “EB&D” were in for the shock of their lives when Manson appeared on set. We know we are stoked to see the singer’s acting chops and his “new” look.

Head over to TMZ to take a look at Mr. Manson stripped down without the makeup.