Lil Uzi Vert proved a long time ago that he was about the rock star lifestyle — now he has a rock legend co-signing his talent. In a recent interview with Consequence of Sound, Uzi’s idol and rock icon Marilyn Manson revealed that he’s been in talks with the Philly rapper and plans to […]

“We’re all stars now in the dope show” sang Marilyn Manson. However, it looks like the singer, known for his heavy makeup and androgynous look, is now starring in a different role. Manson is set to make a cameo in the HBO comedy show, Eastbound & Down. Apparently, he is obsessed with the show and has […]

Well this is strange… Paris Jackson recently startled many after attempting suicide and it appears her actions have caused a bizarre reaction from Marilyn Manson. The 44-year-old dark singer recently did his concert in LA Thursday night, the one that Paris wanted to go to, and he did a special tribute to the daughter of […]

Well this is pretty out of left field! Gucci Mane has done some pretty odd things during his career in music, but getting together on a track with Marilyn Manson might be his weirdest! The Lemonade rapper recently just announced that him and the rock star collaborated on their very own song called “Fancy Bitch”, and […]

Although this may be straight out of left field for the brand formally known as Yves Saint Laurent, under the creative direction of Hedi Slimane, this collab actually makes sense. PHOTOS: Beck Stars In & Sets The Soundtrack To Saint Laurent Spring ’13 Campaign Marily Manson, who is know for his eccentric style and equally […]

This is just scary! LIST: Glam Rock! 15 Rock Stars Who Wear More Make Up Than A Teenage Girl  Charles Manson, the notorious serial killer responsible for the deaths of countless people in the late ’60s, has reached out to “The Dope Show” rocker Marilyn Manson from his prison cell.  Charles Manson penned an open […]

Yesterday, news came out that Tom Gabel, the frontman for pop rock band Against Me!, will be transforming herself into a woman.  PHOTOS: Rock Star Daughters Turned Models!  She broke the news in an article from the latest Rolling Stone. The rock star, who revealed that for years she suffered from gender identity disorder, will go by […]

You know things have gotten out of control when some of our favorite celebs start tweeting about Satan and use religion to justify their crazy ways. DETAILS: Rihanna Tweets About The Devil! From DMX yelling out on a track “In the name of Jesus! Devil I rebuke you for what I go through,” to Marilyn […]

Gorgeous pop-rock singer Porcelain Black loves to rage and make it rain with Lil Wayne in the strip club.  GlobalGrind caught up with “This Is What Rock-N-Roll” singer on the red carpet of the 2011 BET Awards. Porcelain, who looked flawless, dished about raging with Lil Wayne while on tour with him, strip club adventures […]


  Lady Gaga has officially come out with the music video for her new hit single “Judas” and the Catholic Church almost immediately put out a statement, prompting us to ask just how often the Pope has MTV on at the Vatican. Gaga’s video features Mary Magdaline played by none other than Ms. Gaga herself, […]


Lupe Fiasco drops another new track off his long awaited third full length, ‘Lasers,’ and with ‘All Black Everything’ Lupe pushes his politically minded lyrics further.  LISTEN: Lupe Fiasco and Skylar Grey: ‘Words I Never Said’ Lupe has a lot to say on ‘Black’ and he’s called it his “favorite record ever.” The track is produced […]