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Well this is strange…

Paris Jackson recently startled many after attempting suicide and it appears her actions have caused a bizarre reaction from Marilyn Manson.

The 44-year-old dark singer recently did his concert in LA Thursday night, the one that Paris wanted to go to, and he did a special tribute to the daughter of MJ.

Right before his hit song “Disposable Teens” came on, Marilyn stated that he was dedicating the song to Paris Jackson.

Once the song was finished, he continued his pretty controversial tribute to the 15-year-old by putting a knife up to his wrist, stimulating him cutting it just as Paris had done.

According to reports, the act has gotten some negative feedback from the Samaritans, which is a charity that helps people with suicidal thoughts.

This doesn’t seem to be the best look considering Paris’ condition, but we know she will be happy that one of her favorite artists is thinking of her during this time. This isn’t the first time Manson has caused some controversy and it probably won’t be the last.

We pray for Paris to make a safe and speedy recovery!