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You know things have gotten out of control when some of our favorite celebs start tweeting about Satan and use religion to justify their crazy ways.

DETAILS: Rihanna Tweets About The Devil!

From DMX yelling out on a track “In the name of Jesus! Devil I rebuke you for what I go through,” to Marilyn Manson being a “card carrying Satanist,” celebs always seems to refer back to religion when they can’t seem to fix their “tortured” souls.

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Just recently, pop-star Rihanna seemed to be fighting off her own demons when she tweeted: “FUCK U SATAN!!! Fuck right off!!!!!” 

The late King of Pop Michael Jackson also seemed to get into the Holy Spirit when he once said, “When I see children, I see the face of God. That’s why I love them so much. That’s what I see,” after being questioned about his alleged child molestation by 60 Minutes reporter Ed Bradley.

Champion Boxer Mike Tyson was feeling himself a bit too much when he said, “Sometimes I mistake myself for a god because that’s what I was told as a kid. I believe you had to think that. You know, sometimes it feels good to stroke my own ego.”

Damn, that’s cray cray! We know being in the spotlight isn’t always easy, but these religious outbursts made by celebs are a bit on the crazy side. When R&B singer Houston’s attempt at suicide failed, he gouged his eye out after telling people, “He was Jesus and wanted to go home to his father.

We’re starting to think an intervention of some sort is needed because these celebs might be crying out for some type of help. 

Hopefully these stars can fight off their demons and find happiness within themselves, we wish them nothing but the best.