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During her recent trip to New Zealand, Rihanna decided to dive head first into the country’s culture by getting a traditional Maori “moko” tattoo.

Great, right?

There’s only one issue – These kinds of tattoos are not done with needles. Instead, pigment is chiseled into the skin!

In the video above, the island girl can be seen taking the pain like a true soldier, as the tattoo artist uses a chisel and mallet to give RiRi her new hand tat. The tat runs from her fingers to her forearms and features traditional Maori markings.

There’s no doubt that this kind of pain has to be excruciating! In other exciting Rihanna news, the superstar is moving to NYC after several attempted break-ins at her $12 million CA home, and some of her neighbors couldn’t be more excited. One neighbor, Jason Weiss, commented:

“We’re happy to have our privacy back. We’ve had enough police on our street. We’ve been told her stuff was getting picked up.”

Sheesh! Well, as always, NYC will welcome the mayhem. Check out the video of Rihanna getting her new tat up above and leave your thoughts down below.

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SOURCE: Tumblr, Celebuzz | PHOTO/VIDEO CREDIT: Tumblr, Youtube