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Katy Perry Roar Halloween Costume

Oh, you’re not ready to start thinking about Halloween costumes? So what you’re really saying is that you want to be a “sexy kitty” for the 5th year in a row? No. We will have none of that, not when there are perfectly easy-to-put-together ‘fits waiting for you to explore.

That’s where we come in. Ever since Katy Perry made her debut on the music scene, she’s practically made it her career goal to become someone’s Halloween costume every single year. First, we all wanted to be a “California Gurl” in candy themed everything, then it was all about the ‘90s inspired look from “Last Friday Night,” and alas, now we are ready to “Roar.”

The video starts out with Katy trapped in her travel gear, but as she gained the trust of the jungle, and the confidence that came with it, Katy stripped down and transformed into the Queen of the Jungle.

Check out some tips to mastering the look below.

  • We recommend staying away from grass skirts and instead opting for banana leaf skirts. (More jungle authentic).
  • A lei can double as both a belt and a crown, or a couple of flowers in the hair will do.
  • In the video, Katy sports laced up legs, but she’s barefoot. Please avoid this. There are plenty of lace up sandals on the market.
  • She’s in the jungle, so of course she’s bronze. Dust some bronzer on for good measure.
  • Check out the “Roar” video below to get into the mood, and shop the costume with one click below.

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