Beyoncè brings it full circle with her family's Halloween costume look as the classic Disney cartoon, "The Proud Family." Check it out inside. 

Today is famed Hollywood costume designer Edith Head's heavenly birthday. Get inspired by the legendary designer's best Hollywood looks and turn these gorgeous costumes into your Halloween outfit this year. Take a look at the gallery inside.

Watch Tina Belcher pop her stiff back up and down the streets of New York.

With blackface costumes already making their rounds on social media, one dad found another way to be creatively offensive.

If you're thinking of dressing up as Kanye West for Halloween, here's what NOT to do.

Earlier this week, we reported that a Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume was in the works, and as disturbing as that was, it now appears that a new costume might be even higher on the WTF scale. You can now transform yourself into Walter Palmer, the American dentist responsible for killing beloved Cecil The Lion this summer. The […]

Ray Rice and wife Janay Rice are praying for the jerks mocking them this Halloween. The Baltimore Ravens football player was suspended indefinitely after knocking his then-fiancée Janay Palmer unconscious in an elevator at an Atlantic City Casino. Rice dragged an apparently unconscious Palmer out of the elevator and dropped her face-first onto the ground. The […]

Unfortunately, You’ve probably seen this floating around on your social media timelines. Janay Rice has spoken against the ignorant Halloween costumes that people are recreating in regard to her domestic violence situation. She recently replied to a Twitter follower who blatantly told her that her domestic violence incident occurred because she married a Black man. […]

“Oh my gosh—look at her butt.” Better get used to hearing that Halloween night, should you choose to dress up as Nicki Minaj this year. Chances are you won’t be the only one —“Anaconda” was only one of the most viewed music videos of the year, but the good news is, her video looks are very, […]

We’ve been here so many times. It’s almost Halloween and we have a message for all of you out there planning “hilarious” costumes this year. Painting your face black and doing your best mockery of a fallacious black/African culture is both stupid and racist. And you deserve to be kicked in both of your shins […]

You knew it was inevitable. Just as there were an abundance of Lady Gagas roaming the Halloween streets back in 2010, there will be an army of Miley Cyrus doppelgangers hitting the scene this year. But while they will all be clad in teddy bear suits and latex bottoms with Beetle Juice counterparts, we can put our […]

Oh, you’re not ready to start thinking about Halloween costumes? So what you’re really saying is that you want to be a “sexy kitty” for the 5th year in a row? No. We will have none of that, not when there are perfectly easy-to-put-together ‘fits waiting for you to explore. That’s where we come in. […]