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Ray Rice and wife Janay Rice are praying for the jerks mocking them this Halloween.

The Baltimore Ravens football player was suspended indefinitely after knocking his then-fiancée Janay Palmer unconscious in an elevator at an Atlantic City Casino. Rice dragged an apparently unconscious Palmer out of the elevator and dropped her face-first onto the ground.

The two were both charged with domestic violence simple assault and released with a summons. Now, months after the attack, Halloween-goers are mocking the elevator incident — something Ray and Janay aren’t so happy about.

From TMZ:

Ray Rice and his wife Janay are fully aware of the Ray Rice costumes that have been surfacing this Halloween — and they’re telling friends they’re simply praying for the people mocking them.

One source tells us Ray and Janay have said they are “praying for those people.”

Since the incident, the couple has taken to religion and were recently both baptized.

Ray and Janay have been extremely involved with their church since the incident … and were both baptized in March when they decided to become born again Christians.

According to reports, the couple is working out the kinks in their relationship and in the marriage for the long haul.

We’re also told Ray and Janay are still committed to the marriage — and have vowed to maintain their family and rebuild their lives together.

If the costumes aren’t funny to us, you know they aren’t funny to the actual victim and her abuser. Guys, it’s time to stop.


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