Azealia Banks Pleads Guilty To Biting Bouncers Breast Azealia Banks appeared in court earlier this week and pled guilty to disorderly conduct for biting a female club bouncer’s breasts while being kicked out of the Up & Down club in New York. A Manhattan criminal court judge dismissed her misdemeanor assault conviction after Banks completed […]

Guard your grills, literally. A woman in Wisconsin was arrested earlier this week after shoving a teen McDonald’s employee into the fryer over an incorrect order. Surveillance footage shows the customer receiving her order at the drive-thru window, but instead of receiving the bacon biscuit she wanted, the customer mistakenly received a sausage biscuit. She’s […]

Trey Songz Arrested On Felony Domestic Violence Charges It was reported that Trey Songz has been arrested for allegedly hitting a woman at a party in Hollywood. According to the woman, the singer was upset with her because she was talking to another man. TMZ reported Trey Songz turned himself in, with his lawyer ,Shawn Holley, […]

Another day, another Subway creep exposed. On Friday, a 42-year old woman wrestled a switchblade away from a creep on the Brooklyn bound R train who masturbated in front of her. The assailant, Reggie Frank, proceeded to drench the woman with pepper spray, but what he didn’t know is that her self-defense game was on […]   The first thing people do when a traumatic event occurs in their life is sift through all of their memories to identify any red flags. After news of Harvey Weinstein‘s sexual assualt past broke the Internet earlier this months, A-list celebs have been speaking out about their uncomfortable experiences with the famed producer. […]

An alarming incident just happened at the Kardashian’s DASH store in West Hollywood. According to TMZ, a woman just walked in the store and pointed a gun at the cashier. What followed, was pretty bizarre. Law enforcement sources say the woman showed up on Thursday at 11:19 AM and pulled out the revolver on the […]

Adrien Broner just can’t seem to keep his hands to himself. On Friday, the pro-fighter was caught on camera getting into an altercation with a woman and physically assaulting a guy. The 28-year-old was taking photos with fans on the Las Vegas strip before he snapped out of nowhere as he walked to the MGM. […]

Michael Bennett seemed pretty traumatized earlier this week when detailing his recent encounter with racist police who targeted him for being Black — and it judging by his recent interview, he’s still very much effected by it. On Wednesday, the Seattle Seahawks star was overcome with emotion during a press conference when talking about the […]

It’s been a rough year for Ezekiel Elliot, who can’t seem to keep his names out of headlines for assault. The NFL star has been suspended from the first six games with the Cowboys as domestic violence have come back to haunt him. Tiffany Thompson, his ex girlfriend, claims he assaulted her.  However, Zeke is […]