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R. Kelly

Source: PG / Splash

At this point, R. Kelly is just playing with fire and could care less what anyone thinks about it.


Amid his cancellation from the Black community, audio evidence has surfaced, proving that everything we’ve heard about Kellz and his sex slaves are pretty much actual factual.


Remember the 20-year-old woman who filed a criminal complaint against him for allegedly getting her high on drugs and booze and then giving her an STD? Well she released the secret recording of a conversation she had with Kelly in which she tried to get him to confess his wrongdoings — but the Pied Piper wasn’t with any of it.




The woman’s lawyer released a statement to TMZ saying, “We remain committed to stopping Kelly from continuing to abuse vulnerable black women and taking the necessary steps to hold him accountable for his actions in the past.”

The self sabotage is real.