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“Jump in the car and just ride for hours, making sure I don’t miss the homecoming at Howard.” 

Howard University Homecoming is irrefutably THE  best homecoming in the nation.

Other Historically Black Colleges and Universities will try to claim the title of the “greatest homecoming on earth,” and although their homecomings are a good time, there’s no homecoming like a Howard Homecoming.

Most notably known for our endless parties in Washington, D.C. and International Yardfest, Howard has become the place where celebrities, educators, doctors, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, and students let loose and lose their minds….but just for a weekend.

Howard Homecoming kicks off October 22, but the real turn up starts Friday, October 25 at the International Yardfest.  To purchase tickets, click here.

If you haven’t been to Howard Homecoming, here are 21 reasons why Howard Homecoming is the greatest of all damn time.

1. Thousands of people swarm DC to celebrate the homecoming of a university they NEVER attended.

2.  Random celebrities and famous alumni are literally on every corner.

And you’re constantly doing double takes when you see celebs like….

Taraji P. Henson…

Mehcad Brooks…

Lance Gross…

Lola Monroe…


And what’s a Howard Homecoming without Diddy?

And even though you see Diddy EVERY homecoming, it’s still crazy to be within an arm’s distance of Forbes’ Hip-Hop Cash King.

Even Diddy’s son Justin gets in on the homecoming action. 

3. Howard’s FREE International Yardfest Concert (or what used to be free…thanks #NewHoward)

Where you can watch 2 Chainz and Pusha perform on the same stage…

T.I. and Meek Mill perform in a super storm…..

Wale crowd surf….

Rick Ross stunt…

Young Jeezy unleash his thug motivation…

And Drake cause mass hysteria. 

If you don’t believe us, watch the hysteria for yourself at ( 0:42 sec mark)

Drake tried to keep his cool, but….

Being at Howard made him hype….

Super hype…

4. Did we mention this is all for free? 

Yeah…go ahead and celebrate….

5. Platforms and Wedges like these are typical footwear…

…to stroll across The Yard in.

6. Howard women are always dressed…

….to the nines.

7. And so are Howard men.

8. Speaking of Fashion…Howard has not ONE…

But TWO Fashion Shows…

9. And multiple R&B concerts

Yeah…so sometimes our R&B concerts get hectic.

10. The homecoming step show is always excellent.

11. And Howard’s comedy shows are always headlined by hilarious comedians like….THIS GUY.

12. Beautiful sorority girls are everywhere…

13. Well, beautiful WOMEN in general are EVERYWHERE.

14. And super sexy men. 

15. Howard Alumni plotting on cute Undergrads walking into Blackburn Student Center.

16. At any given moment, you may see this walking down Georgia Ave. (stunting is a habit) 

Or some weird smh-worthy pimped out ride this this. 

17. You may even run into our homecoming parade Grand Marshall.

18. The Alumni Tailgate…

19. The Alumni Boat Ride, But…..

Things get a little too crazy, so….

the alumni boat ride has been paused.

20. The endless amounts of parties…

Parties in the PunchOut

Parties in the parking lot….

Parties in the club…

Pick a club in DC during HC Weekend and it’s a Howard Homecoming party.

Club Love

The Park

Layla Lounge

And party buses…

Even the house parties are zoovies.

Basically, Howard people will party any and EVERY where.

21. Oh, and Howard’s #1000 Bottles Alumni party….


Yes, there are literally 1000 bottles in the building.

And you know what that means….

Everyone is definitely white girl wasted.

Basically, if you’ve never been to Howard Homecoming…you’re losing in life.

Happy Homecoming!!!

Photo Credit: Joshua Yospyn,, Astrid Riecken,,,, Shy Photography, Macy L. Freeman