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When RiRi said she Hearts MAC, she wasn’t kidding!

As a follow-up to two wildly successful releases with the cosmetics giant, Rihanna is snapping back with, what else, but one more collection with the brand. While the main concentration on the previous releases were the lip colors, it seems as if Rihanna is stepping into the nail arena with this go-round.

Rihanna teased the collaboration to her Instagram followers when she posted an ad photo of herself perfectly made up in items from her collection: a stellar red lip, and red talons to match.

Rihanna, if you’re reading this: We need more lipstick colors! Sure, RiRi Woo is cool and all, but we need some more swoon-worthy lippies!

Check out the teaser of the collection in the photos below.

Will you be battling MAC’s website for this release? We will, and then we’ll review it for you too. 

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