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I remember it like it was 2004: pink was the new black, or something to that effect. But while pink was once reserved for baby showers and shades of lipstick, this new hue is bumping emerald right out of its place as the front runner for ‘color of the season.’ 

Typically, cold weather wear found its home amongst blacks, grays and browns, but this winter, we get the opportunity to lighten up with blush pink in unusual places. Let’s not get blush pink confused with baby pink though; blush pink has a more beige undertone, making it almost a part of the neutral family when fashion cards are played correctly.

Pink has a magic power that not many colors have, it is a chameleon of sorts when it comes to mixing and matching hues with trends. It can feel subtle against a raw natural palette, yet when paired with gun metal studs or black leather, it has the ability to take on a wild edgy cool.

From handbags to outerwear, from the tips of your fingers to your iPhone, use the guide above to incorporate some blush in your look.

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