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For weeks, we’ve all watched the video of bikers smashing in the window of a Range Rover to get to the driver who ran over a fellow motorcyclist on the West Side Highway in NYC.

Now, video has emerged of the bikers actually pulling driver Alexian Lien out of the SUV and attacking him.

The video, which was obtained by ABC Eyewitness News, can be seen above. We warn you, it may be disturbing for some.

Based on the video, police have been able to pinpoint 40-year-old Jason Brown as the man beating Lien with his helmet, hitting him so hard the visor broke. He is the ninth biker charged in this case.

Police are also using the video to identify the other men arrested for the brawl.

A biker in a blue shirt who approaches the SUV is believed to be Clint Caldwell, while the man who bashes the rear window of the Range Rover at the end of the original clip is thought to be undercover narcotics detective Woljiciech Braszczok.

Police believe the biker with the number 13 on his back, seen kicking Lien, is Craig Wright, while a biker holding his helmet with both hands striking Lien is believed to be James Kuehne.

Finally, the man with the black and silver jacket is believed to be Kaliq Douglas, who was arrested on Friday.

Lien, however, has not been charged with any crimes in the incident (which occurred September 29) although Edwin Mieses, the biker Lien collided with, was paralyzed.


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