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Reason number 456,001 to take away the internet…selfies at funerals. We see a lot of things on social media, but lately a disturbing trend of snapping a selfie at a funeral is taking over Instagram feeds everywhere. Check out Jason Feifer’s Tumblr for a compilation of “Selfies at Serious Places” that is sure to make you cringe. Teenagers. [SelfiesAtFunerals]

Well, that’s not very nice. A gay couple is filing a human rights complaint against a Chicago-area taxi company after they were kicked out of the vehicle for sharing a kiss. The driver demanded that Matthew McCrea, 30, and Steve White, 29, exit the cab, claiming that it was “public transportation” and therefore, they could not kiss. They refused to leave the cab and called 911. When police arrived, the driver claimed the two were “making sex.” The situation was diffused and the driver let go…but he was fined more than $1,500 later. [Gawker

Here’s another example of a Halloween costume that just should never happen. A woman in Detroit who dressed up in an abusive wife costume was arrested for actually beating up her boyfriend. Talk about manifestation. [DailyMail]

A 13-year-old girl in Pakistan was forced to dig her way out of a grave after being raped and buried alive. She was taken from her village, sexually assaulted, and buried after her captors assumed the attack had killed her. She was able to flag down two pedestrians for help and was taken to the hospital to receive medical attention. Authorities were ordered to arrest her assailants. [NYPost]

All hail the cell phone. A man in central Florida is lucky to be alive after a robbery ended in gunfire. But the man, who worked as a clerk at a gas station, had his cell phone to take the bullet for him. And no…it wasn’t an iPhone, so no thanks to Siri. Read about it, here…[Gawker]


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