A lot of people have questioned whether or not Stevie J really is the womanizing character he portrays on Love & Hip-Hop: ATL. According to the latest reports – which say he owes over a million dollars in child support – he is, and has been for a very long time.

Here’s how RadarOnline is reporting the details of how Stevie’s been cheating his ex Carol Bennett and their two kids out of child support money for 14 years:

“According to a July 2013 statement with the New York City Office of Child Support Enforcement, Stevie J. (real name Steven Jordan) owes a grand total of $1,158,391 to Bennett and over a course of 14 years, has only paid $132,220.30.

In 2010 an arrest warrant was issued to Stevie J. with the New York City Police Department because of the owed money, stating: ‘YOU ARE THEREFORE COMMANDED forthwith to arrest Steven A Jordan, and bring said person before this Court to be dealt with according to law.’ That arrest warrant was later discharged without payment.”

Carol is a former music executive who reportedly helped Stevie with his career. Carol’s lawyer, who plans to hold a press conference tomorrow at 11:30 am in NYC to shed light on the money owed to his client, had this to say on the situation:

“Under the 1992 Child Support Recovery Act, it is a crime to leave a state owing more than $10,000 in unpaid child support arrears for more than 2 years. Mr. Jordan owed more than 20 times that when he left New York to live in the state of Georgia.”

Stevie is about to be in a world of trouble. Stay tuned!


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