When Beyonce first came onto the scene, it was love at first sight.

She has everything a pop star needs – the looks, the body, the attitude, and the talent.

She reeled the world right in by telling us little-to-nothing about her personal life, always keeping it classy and sexy, and putting on performances that would burn a hole in every fan’s memory.

We specifically have this moment in mind:

It’s not debatable.

Beyonce is number 1.

You see where we’re going with this, so we’ll get right to the point. For your viewing pleasure, we have spontaneously gathered 54 of Bey’s best gifs…

Just because we’ve been slipping on praising the Queen of the Beyhive lately – that, plus Bing just named her their most searched person in 2013!

Here we go.

We like to partayyyy!

Get sexy on us Bey!

You must not know ’bout Bey! You must not know ’bout Bey!

Pat your weave ladies. Pat, pat, your weave ladies.

Ain’t no family like the Beyhive.

Did we mention that, secretly, Bey knows how to let loose and have a little fun?

Is she not EVERYTHING? Speed it up Bey…

Now slow wine for us.

Bounce, baby bounce!

She’s so not impressed…

Bey was crazy in love here..

You wanna battle, Jay?

My goodies? Not these goodies…


Go crazy on them Bey!

As if to say (without actually saying it) “Bow Down Bitches.”

Oh heyyyy Hov. 🙂

Ooh kill ’em!

Don’t get her started…

Did she actually say that?

Nobody’s more fearless…


Or swaggyyyyy. Hey Hov.

Hormones raging…

Roc La Familia!

It says a lot about you if you not feeling her…

Drop dead gorgeous.

Get sexy on us Bey!

Her money bop…

“I told you so…”

Whip that Malaysian Remy, Bey!

Oohh Boy!


It’s too late to put a ring on it.

Hey noooow!

The capital B means she’s ‘Bout that life!


Sigh, that was close!

Oh, we miss this Beyonce…


She’s so adorable…




and supportive all at the same time.

Oh no, her weave’s stuck!

But those hips ain’t.


Hey, cutie pie!

The jet life must be nice.

Dip, baby dip!


That’s one gangsta chick!

PHOTO CREDIT: Tumblr, Getty

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