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After Trinidad Jame$ went on his strange anti-Brooklyn tirade last night at a show in Brooklyn, Maino took to Twitter to respond.

Not with raps, either, but with threats.

Here’s a rundown of Maino’s rage throughout the day:

Trinidad is no goon, man. Dude just wants to make fun music. So it was no surprise that this was his response to Maino’s threats:

Smart move, Jame$. Because since Maino has been in the game, since 2004 or so, the Brooklyn-born rapper has been one of the most ruthless dudes out there, running up on whomever. We’re pretty sure he has yet to take an L.

When Maino would put a whooping on someone, he would call it “putting the hands of God” on a person. So, in honor of one of the realest out there, here’s eight examples of Maino “putting the hands of God on people.”

Maino disses everyone on “Rumors:”

In 2003, Maino was released from prison after nearly doing 10 years for a drug-related kidnapping. From there, the rapper started cooking, appearing on underground tracks like Cormega’s “Monster’s Ball.” However, it was “Rumors” that really set the streets on fire. On the track, Maino pays homage to 50 Cent and his “How To Rob” track by basically calling out every mainstream rapper in the game, from Jay Z to Cam’ron.

Maino puts the hands of God on Lil Cease:

In the beginning of his career, Maino was associated with fellow Brooklyn rapper Lil Kim. At that time, Kim was beefing with former Junior Mafia bandmate Lil Cease. Kim claimed that Lil Cease ratted her out. (She would do a year in prison for perjury, for covering up details of a shootout her crew had with members of Capone-N-Noreaga’s squad). Lil Cease and Maino would beef for years, but things came to a head in 2006, when the two met on a Brooklyn street. Legend has it that Maino was on the wrong end of the fight.

(That may be the reason why Cease spent the next five years or so getting super brolic).

Maino beats up Tragedy Khadafi:

There’s something about OGs Maino doesn’t like. There’s no footage of this, but apparently, the Queens rapper Tragedy caught a bad one from Maino’s crew. (In the video above, Maino claims he never physically touched the Intelligent Hoodlum himself). So what was the dispute over? What else, money.

Maino slaps Young Berg:

There was this period of time where Young Berg was catching Ls from everyone (the kid got robbed numerous times). And a lot of the time it was Berg’s fault. In 2008, Maino slapped Berg after the singer approached him in a hostile way. Why would anyone approach Maino in a hostile way?

You know what’s the best part of the story? Berg ended up calling to apologize after getting smacked. No one man should have all that power.

Maino slaps a fan:

Here’s some advice folks. Learn from your mistakes. Or, better yet, learn from other people’s mistakes. We’re pretty sure this fan wished he learned from Young Berg’s mistake.

Maino flashes a gun on Bunky Sa:

We’re not sure how this beef started, all we know is Maino and his crew ended it, and they ended it ruthlessly. In 2010, footage of this rapper from the Bronx named Bunky Sa getting tore up in a club hit the streets. Bunky, feeling some kind of way, released a video where he burned a black flag — which is the symbol for Maino’s crew — in Brooklyn. This started a pretty petty back and forth that went over the ledge when Bunky posted a video of his 5-year-old daughter cursing at Maino.

The finisher came when one of Maino’s henchmen posted a video of the Brooklyn rapper flashing a gun at Bunky in 2007, and the Bronx rapper looked absolutely terrified.

Maino vs. the crowd:

Maino is probably the one rapper in the world you don’t want to fuck with while they’re on stage working. Seriously, just sit back and enjoy “Hi Hater.”

Maino goes berserk at Juelz Santana’s birthday party:

This video kind of just speaks for itself. This man looks like the Hulk. If we’re Trinidad Jame$, we stay away from New York City for a while.

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