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R. Kelly shows Justin Bieber how to put it down for all the PYTs.

During a recent press tour, R. Kelly revealed he had been working on a new collaboration with Justin Bieber for the 19-year-old’s #MusicMondays series. Less than a week later, Justin Bieber drops a more grown up track titled “PYD.”

“On the roof, balcony, we don’t care who sees/ Girl, I’ma put you down, all the way down, down, down,” sings Kells.

“PYD” is Bieber’s latest #MusicMonday release. The “All That Matters” singer recently dropped “Bad Day,” which features a sample from Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day.”

Justin Bieber is counting down until the release of his Believe movie, which hits theaters across the nation on Christmas Day. Until then, Bieber plans to release five more #MusicMonday tracks for your listening pleasure.

Take a listen to Justin and R. Kelly’s sensual collabo down under.

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